Funeral Ceremonies

Funerals are not often thought upon with joy, but they are an integral part of our lives, and are often seen by our loved ones as a way of saying good-bye. A good funeral is not just a ceremony but also a way of celebrating a person’s life and helping to cope with our grief and loss. With grace and dignity, I can provide a memorable funeral; a perfect send off for your loved one. Anyone can conduct a funeral but it’s a good idea to have someone supportive to help you. A Funeral Director will make all the legal and practical arrangements and as your celebrant, I will help you plan and deliver the ceremony.

You can choose your own celebrant – you don’t have to use one employed by a Funeral Director.

When someone close to you dies, you suddenly feel like there is a hole in your life. The emotions of losing a loved one can be very traumatic, but sometimes it helps to be able to talk about this person. Talking about your dearly departed can bring back memories from your lives together. This is where I come in. I can help you by listening to you about your life and your love for him or her, and obtain all the information, from you and your family, so I can create a eulogy that will not only validate his/her life, but will also help you and your family and friends celebrate their life as well. I can guide you through this challenging time and compassionately help you reflect, and find the words and actions, which begin a period of grieving.

Let me help you by creating a funeral service that will suit your loved one. Call me today on 0420 388 113 to learn more about my unique and careful approach.