Baby Naming Ceremony

Baby Naming ceremonies have no legal or religious requirements and parents can compile a ceremony as personalised and unique as they choose.
Naming ceremonies may involve rituals such as:

Planting a tree either in a pot, or in your backyard could mark the occasion.. You can have the hole dug ready for the tree to be put into, and the Guardians/God parents can each throw in some soil on top of it, as they say a word/s expressing their wish for the child.

A birthday celebration could be combined with the Baby Naming ceremony.

A wishing well, like they do at weddings. This saves the embarrassment of guests feeling they have to provide 2 gifts. Guests can put money or gift vouchers in the well. If you don’t have a well, or to spare the cost of purchasing one, you may have something at home that would be appropriate – a vase; bowl with lid; one of his larger toys that would be suitable. Just mention on your invitations you will be having the ‘wishing well’ and guests are welcome to give money/gift voucher in lieu of a present. Guests write their wish for the child on a note and place it in a wishing well for the parents to read and keep for the child.

A candle lighting can involve just the parents, or Godparents and Guardians can be asked to come forward and light the candle; or the person(s) you choose to be the ones responsible for your child’s upbringing and guidance. Candles can be personalised and decorated with little flowers, butterflies, sporting items, cars, child’s name, photo, date of birth, weight and length and a poem etc. The parents light the candles, make wishes for their child and promise that on each birthday when they light the candle on the cake they will remember what a miracle the child is.

Time capsule/treasure box
– can contain small gifts, photos, letters or written note cards. The capsule/box is presented to the child when they turn 18 or 21. Invite guests to bring an item instead of a present i.e. CDs; magazines; newspapers; the Guinness Book of Records; coin collections; symbols of something they wish for the child such as crystals to symbolise different things like peace and hope; pebbles from someone’s favourite beach ‘that the child may always have a special place to go and think’; Celtic symbols such as a horseshoe for good luck; cuff links that he may be a gentleman; a joke book – that she/he may always keep her/his sense of humour; a pressed leaf that they may appreciate nature.

Photo board of baby photos of ‘special people’.

Historical significance – mentioning important things that happened in history on the child’s day of birth.

Video record
– get all your guests to say something about the child (wishes etc) to play back at their 18th/21st.

Release a dove – the worldwide symbol for peace.

Rose petal blessing – Shower with rose petals.

Soaring spirit celebration – Releasing of balloons to encourage your child’s spirit to bloom and grow.

Write a poem about your child to read at the ceremony.

A scrap book or guest book could be available as when guests arrive, they write a message for the child. The message should be one of hope and promises for the child. When the child is older, he or she can read the messages.

Meaning of name commemorative certificate – a detailed full colour, laminated certificate. The child’s name is displayed at the top of the certificate, along with the names origin and meaning. The rest of the certificate could include details such as Emotional Spectrum; Personal Integrity; Personality; Relationships; Travel & Leisure; Career and Money; Life’s opportunities; their lucky numbers, star sign and birth date.

Ceremony theme
– base the ceremony around the meaning of your child’s name, or a theme they are ‘into’ such as Sesame Street, Fairies, Clowns, trucks.

Star sign commemorative certificate – a full colour, laminated certificate providing information about the child’s star sign.

Astrological chart about your child’s life – various charts are available depending on the level of detail you want.

Signature bear – For guests to sign creating a permanent memento of the day and guests who attended.

Photo signature frame – Frame a photo of your child with a large enough border for people to write on it. It becomes a beautiful reminder of the day and something you can hang in their room or the house.

Thank you/Memento cards for guests – Cards mailed out within a couple of weeks of the ceremony are a lovely way to thank your guests for being part of your child’s special day. You could hand-make the thank you card and include a photo of your child or consider ordering personalised cards.

Baby Naming ceremonies can also be performed if there is only one parent as the dominant role model in the child’s life, ie if you are a single parent. We can work together to have a beautiful and meaningful ceremony, and nominate another family member or special friend to be seen as the other guiding role model.

Please feel free to contact me for further information and fees for either of these ceremonies.

First we had eachother, then we had you, now we have everything

Various Ceremony Activities & Rituals

If a religious christening is not your style, a Baby Naming Ceremony is the solution. I can create a naming ceremony that matches your family’s needs. The Naming Ceremony is the welcoming of your child into your family and the every-day world we live in. The ceremony has no legal standing – registration of the child’s birth is a lodgement with Births Deaths and Marriages.

A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful part of our lives and an ancient tradition. The ceremony can be held at home, in a park, chapel or beach. It is an opportunity to welcome a child into our lives and the community, with the promise of love, support and guidance.

Family and cultural traditions can be incorporated into the celebration. Being able to formally introduce a new family member into the world is something very special. Your goals, dreams and aspirations for your child can be expressed and acknowledged in the presence of those who will be an integral part of your child’s life.

The Ceremony may start with an introduction and a brief explanation on why we are conducting the naming ceremony. If you wish, Godparents, Guardians or Mentors can be appointed and acknowledged – these are the people you choose to assist in guiding and nurturing your child. If you choose to have Godparents, Guardians or Mentors in your child’s life, these people are recognised during the ceremony. They may be asked to read a blessing, or assist in lighting a candle, or be included in the sand blending ceremony. (I can supply you with sample ceremonies, readings and blessings if you require them. However, I pride myself in writing totally tailored ceremonies to suit both you and your gorgeous babies, giving us the freedom to do and say what we like).

A naming ceremony can also recognise the need for elders in your child’s life – grandparents, aunts, uncles, long-time family friends – to pass on the traditions and family stories – to help guide your child, spiritually and/or emotionally in their daily lives.

I supply your child with a Naming Certificate for you to frame and have as a keepsake. I can also present a Certificate to the people you wish to give special acknowledgement to, such as Grandparents, Godparents, Guardians or Mentors if you wish.

It is totally up to you to decide if you wish to include people who will be a special part in your child’s life. Some ceremonies do not include other family members, only the mother, father and child.

Baby Naming Ceremonies are secular (non religious), however the term Godparent is still frequently used. The parents request that this person take a special interest in the life of their child, and ask that they be there in times of need. There is no set number of godparents, guardians or mentors, and they may be either family members, or friends.

When the names are officially bestowed upon the child, there may be an explanation given of the reasons for selecting the chosen names, or a particular meaning attributed to the names.

This personalised ceremony is designed with you, with your family in mind and may include readings and rituals chosen by you. Naming ceremonies are not only for infants, but can celebrate any stage of life.